• Top Three Best Blogging Platforms

    In creating a successful blog, one of the biggest and most important decisions you should make is choosing the best blogging platform. Basically, a huge chunk of what your blog will be depends on the blogging platform you choose. Also, if you want to learn how to start a blog, you can check out this website first to get more information on the basic steps of creating a blog site: blogbasics.com/start-blog.


    Top Three Best Blogging Platforms


    1. WordPress.com

    Perhaps you are very familiar with WordPress as it is one of the most popular and commonly used blogging platforms. What's great about WordPress is that they offer a free version where you can set-up a blog without any cost. This is perfect for beginners and for those who still want to figure out whether blogging works well for them. Also, if you make a blog as a hobby and not as a source of income then using WordPress.com is a great choice. One of the downsides of using this platform is that you have a very limited functionality and you need to pay for upgrades. Of course, this wouldn't be a problem if you are already fine with the basics. But again, the blog site would look less professional and you do not truly own your blog.


    2. WordPress.org

    This is basically the paid version of WordPress with approximately $3 subscription fee per month. It is not really a bad deal, right? Using this platform, you can install plugins and even edit your HTML code plus you can have control over your website. If you are willing to invest more money for a lucrative source of business, then you may want to choose WordPress.org as your blogging platform. What's great about this platform is that it is very easy to use and access and you have over 20,000 free plugins and 1,500 free themes to choose from. Evidently, you need to have technical knowledge on how to create a website or how to set up a blog if you choose a paid platform. Fortunately, you can employ the service of Bluehost or iPage for technical support.


    3. Blogger

    Blogger is another popular blogging platform and it is free. This blogging platform is owned by Google, thus you'll have access to Google tools including AdSense and Analytics. Blogger is a good option, but it is not as flexible and as user-friendly as WordPress.org. It comes with fewer themes and cannot self-host, thus your blog is highly dependent on what Blogger currently offers. If you are writing only as a hobby, then Blogger is already a great option.


    Basically, your choice of blogging platform will depend on whether you are a hobby blogger or if you take blogging as a career and as a source of income. And on the other hand, you need to know that generally, free blogging sites work well for hobby bloggers while those who want to take blogging seriously will have to opt for the paid blogging platforms.


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